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The Roof of England


Roof of England Sportive 16

Photo by Lee Phillips

Up where the air is clear . . .


Create the New Destination with us . . .


Businesses and interested individuals in the North Pennines are

working together on a project to market the area as a new and

vibrant destination: the Roof of England.


Ambitious plans are taking shape with skilled people planning

a whole new approach for telling the world about our area.


This website will become the official tourism website for the

North Pennines



How to get involved:


Facebook Group to share tourism ideas across the area  



Facebook Group to post photographs of the area



email:  office@roofofengland.com


tel:  01388 537536


in person:

Cameron Gordon,

c/o Chatterbox Cafe, St John's Chapel, Weardale DL13 1QF




The Roof of England is the Visitor Brand for the North Pennines.


The North Pennines tells you where is it

The Roof of England tells you what it is - the highest part of the country


Or focus is on Activity - to answer the question most often:  What is there to do there?


We are carrying out an audit of rural tourism assets to ascertain their scope, quality and potential economic value and projects to animate rural areas, so there is more to see and do. The North Pennines has the raw materials of an excellent, nationally significant, rural tourism product, but it needs to be better understood by partners in the 3 counties, so it can be developed and then confidently marketed.